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Monday, October 17, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

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It's Monday! What are you Reading?! I have been going through the cutest little collection of books that EK Books sent my way.  They are adorable interactive board books and I can't wait to buy these for gifts for some tiny little readers!  

What are you reading this week?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Belong Tour

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The Belong Tour #mustsee #jenhatmaker #nicolenordeman #the4500

People!  I spent last weekend at the Belong Tour with speakers like Jen Hatmaker and Shauna Niequist! Amazing is an understatement!  This is the first year for this conference and I certainly hope it won't be the last.

What It Is

The Belong Tour is a 12 City Movement drawing women from all arenas of life into conversations that bring meaning, hope, and connection.  The entire theme of the weekend was finding your purpose.  It was inspirational on so many levels. My heart thumped a little harder--and I'm still not sure whether it was from the amazing words, the laughter, the music, or the unexpected workout!

The People

These speakers and artists are so down to earth and present truth and life application. They are extremely talented and have over 30 books between them!  I, of course, couldn't pass up the opportunity to share a few of my faves with you!

Patsy Clairmont

Angela Davis
Angela has an awesome new DVD coming out that you MUST get! She is a motivator, y'all!  

Jen Hatmaker

Sharon Irving

Shauna Niequist

Nichole Nordeman

Johnny Swim

Upcoming Events

The Belong Tour is probably coming to a city near you, and I'm telling you, you WANT to be there!!! Head over to their website to order your ticket now--and don't forget to use coupon code SAVING available to all Big Hair and Books readers!

You will hear about how to Open Your Heart, Experience Connection, and Find Your Purpose! It's called BELONG because you DO!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Made Well

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Made Well by Jenny Simmons #mustread #madewellbookMade Well
by Jenny Simmons
published by Baker Publishing

The Blurb

In her second book, Christian singer and author, Jenny Simmons, shares personal stories and revelations as she strives to experience wholeness in Christ...and she invites readers to do the same.  

Quote about holiness #madewellbook #jennysimmons

My Two Cents

You will cry while reading this book, whether it be from heartache or laughing too much. Jenny Simmons shares personal stories filled with love and loss and hilarity.  Just as her songs have touched your heart, her written words will infiltrate your soul.

This is a deeper read than her debut book, The Road to Becoming (which I adored). She tells stories about miracles that just didn't happen no matter how hard she prayed, of obedience that looked crazy, and of worm poop (and don't ask me about this MUST read it! I refuse to spoil it!). She also shares stories of other folks' ordinary miracles alongside hilarious proverbs like, "This is what I know about life so far:  Always pee sooner rather than later.  Anticipate seasonal product change or you will completely miss out on Target's Dollar Spot deals.  Tell your people you love them.  And count on death. It's seriously always creeping up, rearing its ugly head."

Everyone needs a cheerleader . Quote from Made Well by Jenny Simmons #madewellbook #mustread #jennysimmons

The Giveaway

Baker Publishing has generously offered Big Hair and Books 2 copies of Made Well to give away! Enter below for a chance to win!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the Author

Jenny Simmons is a Jesus lover, wife, mama, performer, and taco lover.  She and her family reside in Nashville, TN.

On a personal note, I am crazy about this girl. She reeled me in with her music, hooked me with her first book, then she sealed the deal when she came and did a mini-concert for launch team members at my house--and now she has written this amazing second book...I'm smitten!

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You can find Jenny Simmons on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.