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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Board Book Review : Peas On Earth

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Board Book Review!  Today we read Peas on Earth by Todd H. Doodler.  First of all, the illustrations are adorable.  That is really the best word for them.  They are cute, sugary sweet, and every character dons a smile. 

The text is just as sweet.  The one problem for me is that it is so idealistic.  Maybe I'm jaded, but do our kids need to think everything is perfect?  I'm all about preserving their innocence, but I guess I just like a little realism. 

The book is still a cute little read, but I would have been more satisfied if it had urged young readers to do their part in making peace & harmony a reality in their world. 

Children's Board Book Review : Peas on Earth by Doodler