Picture Books Aren't Just for Kids!!

Writer's Digest put out an article by Chuch Sambuchino entitled Picture Books Are Not Just For Children:  10 Reasons Why.  I'm listing the 10 reasons, but don't be cheated!!!  Go read the actual article by clicking


Paraphrased Reasons:

1. These are the first books we fall in love with.

2.  It has fabulous language!

3.  It's the most flexible of all literary formats.

4.  It helps us look for meaning

5.  Some of the best contemporary art is found in their pages

6.  It appeals to all learning styles

7.  Allows you to express a powerful message

8.  It bonds generations

9.  All ages can enjoy

10.  They are short and small and can fit into our lives

And THE BEST PART of the whole article is this:

"Picture books are poetry, adventure, imagination, language, interaction, precision, and so much more.  Picture books are not books that children should be encouraged to 'graduate' from.  For picture books have something important to say, to give, to all ages, all generations.  Picture books are not just books for young children.  They are books for everybody." 

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