5 Best Ways to Develop Your Child's Love of Reading

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5 best ways to develop your child's love of reading

This picture makes me so happy!  I love to see my children reading and LOVING IT!!
5 Best Ways to develop your child's love of reading

What are you doing to help your kids develop a love of reading?

Here are a few ideas:

1.  Go to Storytime at your local library!  Ours offers different ones depending on age.  Also, grab a calendar while you're there!  The local library is always doing something fun!! 

2.  Hop on Pinterest and find some great printables to go along with the books you're reading at home.  I have a few of these pinned on my Kidlit Board .  It's always fun to have something to do that goes with the story.

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3.  Have your kiddo give a book review!  Ask them what they liked.  What they didn't like.  How the illustrations line up with the story.  Kids are smart!  Quiz them!  Find out what they like to make reading more enjoyable!

4.  Get the paper and crayons out!  Write and illustrate a book with your child...or have them do it alone.  Sometimes creating something helps them appreciate what thought goes into the printed word. 

5.  Most importantly, let them see you read!  As parents, we often get busy.  Sometimes it''s easier to plop in front of the television than to pick up a book, BUT DON'T FALL INTO THAT HABIT!  I implore you, pick up a book!

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