Half-Pint Pete the Pirate

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Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary!  I have been married for 11 years to a fabulous man who puts up with me and my big hair...sometimes I even think he kinda likes it! 

So in honor of my blessed union with the wonderful Mr. Cates, I'll be reviewing Half-Pint Pete the Pirate by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen...with super fun illustrations by Geraldo Valerio. 

Poor Half-Pint Pete never finds his treasure with just half a map!

And then he meets Half-Baked Belle...their map halves are a perfect fit!

This book is really cute.  I love that despite their naughty pirate ways, they are unable to take one another's share. 

I like this book.  The rhymes are fun, the pictures are colorful, and there is something for everyone.  Boys will love the pirate elements and girls will love the unlikely love story of the not so feminine Belle! 

To Mr. Cates, I love you!  And, like Half-Pint Pete and Half-Baked Belle, I think you are my other half!  Happy anniversary, husband!

"...Pete hugged her back and said, 'We make a perfect pair!'"

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