Way Back Wednesday: Muggie Maggie

It's Way Back Wednesday, which always puts a smile on my face.  The only thing better than discovering a new and fabulous book is remembering and getting reacquainted with an old and fabulous book!

Today, I am reporting on the best of both worlds!

Muggie Maggie, by Beverly Clearly, is an older book-but one I had never read!  I was excited to discover it, and I enjoyed the quick middle grade read. 

Maggie's main problem in life is cursive.  She does NOT want to learn to write cursive...or read it for that matter.  Her clever teacher has other plans for Maggie, though! 

Your middle grade reader will enjoy this tale of challenges and hard-headedness!  Buy it below (in English or Spanish) or check it out at your local library!

I always try to find fun activities that go along with books we read, especially if I know we don't have anything planned that day!  I found this cute link on Pinterest for cursive handwriting sheets from the fabulous Jan Brett! 

My daughter hasn't started cursive in school yet, but I think she will this year.  And the little muscles in their hands get so lazy after a whole summer off!  So along with other activities, we'll be adding these cute worksheets in!

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