Bon appetit! The delicious life of Julia Child

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Bon appetit! The delicious life of Julia Child
written & illustrated by Jessie Hartland
published by Schwartz & Wade Books

Ok, so this may shock you, but I don't LOVE graphic novels.  I think it's because I'm old.  Believe me, I HATE to say that, but I think it's true.  I didn't grow up reading graphic novels, so they are somewhat difficult for me to get into.  This book is technically a picture book, but has more of a graphic novel feel to me.


This book was a nice exception to the rule.  Hartland did a lovely job of keeping the illustrations and text on point...her writing is almost like cooking, with all the artistic and literary seasonings simmering together to make one delicious dish!

Isn't this illustration fabulous?!  It is among my favorites in the book!  And I love the one of Julia and Paul below, too!  And the quote that goes with it just confirms that I'm "good people!"

I also found this fantastic quote on Pinterest:

Julia Child was a fascinating woman, and this picture book is just amazing.  I encourage you to read it and then maybe eat something decadent!

In honor of the marvelous Julia Child, we decided to make cake balls. The first batch was a total disaster:

The second batch was MUCH, MUCH better looking!

Don't be jealous!  You can go make them too!  Click HERE for an easy recipe I found on Pinterest!

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