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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Crankee Doodle

Crankee Doodle
by Tom Angleberger
illustrated by CeCe Bell
published by Clarion Books

Crankee Doodle was really enjoyable.  And, I took Mr. Colby Sharp's advice and read it aloud, which, I agree, made it better. (On a side note, if you aren't following Colby on Twitter, you should be!  @colbysharp )  The story is comical and the illustrations are hilarious.  The fabulous CeCe Bell amazes me.

Throughout, it reminded me of Dr. Suess' fabulous "Green Eggs and Ham."  Crankee Doodle repeatedly denies the pony's request to go to town...and I won't say anymore, but you may be able to guess what happens next!

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