Fire Horse Girl

The Fire Horse Girl
by Kay Honeyman
published by Arthur A. Levine Books

This book first caught my eye when a friend on Facebook mentioned it.  Apparently, she's friends with Kay Honeyman...imagine my delight at finding out we all attended the same university.  (Baylor University)  I couldn't wait to read the book!

I am not at all knowledgeable on Chinese culture and history, so I found all the details particularly fascinating.  I love novels that are based in a culture different from my own!  It's exciting to learn about social mores and customs of others.  

So the setting was just a big bonus for me...and then I got to the story!

Kay did a lovely job of capturing the fear and desperation of Jade Moon, but also her amazing determination.  I love how tough she is, but how she holds on to the fragile hope of becoming a part of something bigger in America.  

So...What the heck is a Fire Horse Girl?!

According to the jacket, the combination of fire horse is "the worst sign in the Chinese zodiac for girls, said to make them stubborn, reckless, and far too headstrong."  

That's right, people, GIRL POWER!

I don't really believe in astrology, but I just had to look up Chinese astrology for fun.  If you want to find out your own animal and element, you can look it up at Futurescopes. (I'm an Earth Horse...I'm still trying to decide if that's good or not!)

I highly encourage you to read this book.  The text is well written and well researched.  

Sic'em, Kay Honeyman!

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