The Great Fairy Tale Disaster

"The Big Bad Wolf is fed up with blowing down houses. So off he goes in search of a new fairy tale to be in. Wearing the ball gown in Cinderella does not work and is embarrassing. Climbing up the beanstalk and seeing the giant scared the wolf, and getting kissed by the prince in Sleeping Beauty is not for the wolf at all. As the wolf runs from page to page the whole book of fairy tales becomes a great mixed up mess." (description from Amazon)

The Great Fairy Tale Disaster by David Conway has a darling premise.  I love that the Big Bad Wolf is looking for a change, and I love that everyone is still scared of him, but I mostly love the fantastic illustrations by Melanie Williamson.  They are phenomenal!! 

As for the book, it got a little confusing with all the switcheroos.  Again, enjoyed the premise, enjoyed the artwork, but not a super duper fan of the text as a whole.  But don't take my word for it!  Click below to buy it or check out from your local library!

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