All In A Day

All In A Day
by Cynthia Rylant
Illustrated by Nikki McClure
published by Abrams Books for Young Readers

After reading Cynthia Rylant's AMAZING book, Missing May, I knew I must get my hands on more!  I grabbed All In A Day at the library and I wasn't disappointed.

All In A Day explores what can happen is that short amount of time...a day is filled with possibilities.

I think kids are more aware of this than adults.  I think grown-ups lose that sense of exploration, discovery, and is so easy to lose touch with all of our responsibilities and routines. Cynthia Rylant gently reminds her readers, young and old alike, that, "This day will soon be over and it won't come back again.  So live it well, make it count..."

I am no less in love with Cynthia Rylant's work than I was after reading Missing May.  I am amazed at how she touches my heart.  Her tone makes me want to slow down.  It makes me want to cherish each word and all the conjured memories it brings with it.

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