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Friday, August 2, 2013

Looking at Lincoln

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Looking at Lincoln , a picture book by Maira KalmanLooking at Lincoln
by Maira Kalman
published by Nancy Paulsen Books

The Blurb

Everyone knows about Lincoln the president--but this book explores Lincoln the man.

My Two Cents

This book is just beautiful!  I read it with my precious 8 year-old daughter and we both loved it.  The illustrations are amazing.  I took particular note of the fact that Kalman included endearing facts about Lincoln...

  • like he had a very favorite vanilla cake...

  • and he put notes in that huge top hat of his...

  • and he loved music-especially Mozart...

I think you get a real feel for who Lincoln was as a man, but also what he stood for as the leader of this country.  Kalman did an excellent job of covering slavery in a way that children will "get" how awful it is, but not be scared or scarred by any content.

And finally, Kalman shows us that ultimate truth, that "...a great man is never really gone."  This book gave me chill bumps.

I highly encourage you to read the beautiful book and discuss it with your little readers.  You won't be sorry!

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