poems & illustrations by James Stevenson
published by Greenwillow Books

My daughter was reluctant to pick this book up.  I checked it out from the library when she wasn't able to go with me.  She wasn't sure she wanted to read poetry.  She was even more preturbed that this poetry didn't rhyme.

And then that magical thing happened that always happens when you read...

Her little eyes opened to something new.  Soon she was giggling and reading the poems out loud for me to hear.  Then reading her favorites a second time and laughing all over again.

She nearly cried when she read Chelsea's Breakfast, and couldn't stop laughing when she had to turn the page to finish Some Say There Are Ghosts in the All-Star Restaurant.

This isn't a new book, but it isn't quite old enough to focus on for Way Back Wednesday either--I mean it was published AFTER I graduated high school so surely it isn't that old, right?!

The great thing about a quality book is that it's always a quality book.  Hop out to the library, your local bookstore, or click the link below to get your copy and start reading!!

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