The Dirty Little Boy

The Dirty Little Boy
by Margaret Wise Brown
illustrated by Steven Salerno
published by Winslow Press

I really love Margaret Wise Brown books, particularly Goodnight Moon and Big Red Barn.  So imagine my delight at finding a new book in my library written by her.

She passed away in 1952, but her books are still being published!  Such an amazing legacy!

Perhaps my expectations were too high, but this is not among my favorite books.  The illustrations are so fun, but they don't quite seem to go along with the story.  It seems a bit pieced together.  For me, the words and the illustrations must bind together to give the book a continuity for its young readers.  That being said, I will continue to read Margaret Wise Brown--and I'll be looking for more of Steven Salerno's marvelous illustrations.

I think you should definitely read The Dirty Little Boy and form your own opinion!  Check it out from your local library or support your local bookstore!  You can also click below...

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