Board books for the manlier child

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My boys are growing like weeds.  With this comes the awareness of all things"boy."  They love sports, dinosaurs, cars, cowboys, and robots.  They love dirt.  They are 110% male.

This also means that sometimes they are a little overzealous when reading books.  They aren't always careful with some of our old favorites.

That said, we've adopted a few new favorites...

Board books.  TOUGH books for tough little guys!

Giddy Up, Li'l Buckaroos

by Mark Iacolina
published by Sterling Children's Books

Giddy Up, L'il Buckaroos by Iacolina

I really loved the adorable illustrations in this book!  And my little Texans loved it, too!

Little Quarterback

by Heather Lowenberg
illustrated by Davy Jones
published by Random House

Little Quarterback by Heather Lowenberg

Thomas, especially, enjoys sports books.  We have read this book over and over.

Star Trek:  A Book of Opposites

by David Borgenicht
published by Quirk Books

I don't think my boys were as amused by this book as I was!  I'm not a Trekkie, but I think this is a super clever and fun book idea that parents and kids will enjoy.

How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms?

by Jane Yolen
illustrated by Mark Teague
published by The Blue Sky Press/Scholastic

This book is so cute!  I love the text and the illustrations.  And, of course, dinosaurs are always a win with my two little guys!

Red Truck

by Kersten Hamilton
illustrated by Valeria Petrone
published by Viking/Penguin Young Readers Group

This book makes me laugh.  The truck driver is totally a 1970's kinda guy--or a total hipster.  The illustrations have you staring at them over and over.

Other fun books your little guy will love:


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