Way Back Wednesday: Song of the Trees

I really LOVE Way Back Wednesday and haven't done it for a few weeks.  Finding old books you love is like finding old friends...

A few days ago I read Song of the Trees by Mildred D. Taylor.  The cover looked familiar, and I am almost certain I read it at some point in elementary.  Regardless, I am happy I read it (again?)

 I love this Southern Depression era tale of Cassie and her family.  There isn't just a ton of action in the story, but what is there is solid, defiant, and moving.  I am a sucker for a character who stands up for their convictions no matter the cost.  They always make me cry.  They always renew my hope in mankind.

Song of the Trees is the third book in a five book series.   Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, a Newbery Medal winner in 1977, is the first in the series.  After reading Song of the Trees, I want to read the whole series!

"The simple story has been written with great conviction and strength, and Cassie's descriptions of the trees add a poetic touch." -The Horn Book

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