Jazz Age Josephine

Jazz Age JosephineJazz age Josephine
by Jonah Winter
illustrated by Marjorie Priceman
published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers

I had the opportunity to read this book, uninterrupted, as my busy boys attended mother's day out.


The lazy days of summer are definitely over and we are finally settling into our autumn groove.  I have wanted to read this for a while now and just got the opportunity!

The Blurb

A picture book that explores the exciting life of performer, Josephine Baker.

My Two Cents

It is super fun.  It is so rhythmic and you really just want to sing it!  There is even a little skatting going on, y'all.  It captures the bluesy, funny, jazzy wonderment that surrounded Josephine Baker.

I was jammin' along, and then in the last few pages that rhythm changed...and all I can say is that it was disappointing.  I didn't care for those last few pages, sadly.

Though I didn't love those pages, the beginning is enough to recommend it to you.  And those illustrations are nothing to sing the blues over!!!  Amazing!  Marjorie Priceman is incredibly gifted!

Go check this book out at your library, buy it at your local bookstore, or click below to order online. Happy reading, y'all!

"Boodle-am boodle-am boodle-am SHAKE!  
Boodle-am boodle-am boodle-am SHAKE!"

This book is also featured HERE in my post about Black History Month! Go check it out!

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