Two of a Kind

Two of a Kind
by Jacqui Robbins
illustrated by Matt Phelan
published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers

I didn't pick this book up.  My lovely daughter checked it out on our last jaunt to the library.  She told me how cute it was and that I must read it AND blog about it.  She's kinda bossy like that..I don't know where she get it.  Ahem, anyway...back to the book.

Two of a Kind is the story of Julisa and Anna and their friendship--and how they have to endure the not so winning personalities of Kayla and Melanie.  I found this book and the relationships it depicts to be realistic.  There are always going to be those mean kids that just aren't nice.  I wouldn't call Kayla and Melanie bullies as much as I would say they are the elementary equivalent of "mean girls."

Kids have to deal with this, popular or not.  And at some point in life you must learn to stand up for yourself.  I thought this book dealt with the issue in a positive way.  Happy reding, y'all!

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