Under the Mesquite

Under the Mesquite
by Guadalupe Garcia McCall
published by Lee & Low

I saw under the mesquite on a book list not long ago.  I picked it up not knowing what I was in for:  I didn't realize it was about a first generation American, or that it was rich in Mexican culture, or that it was a book of poetry.

I've mentioned many times on my blog that I love diversity in kidlit...and this is so wonderfully steeped in a culture other than my own.  I just loved that aspect of this book.  And the exploration of all the family relationships, with all their complexities and simplicity, is lovely.  McCall captured the fierce loyalty and fortitude of this family beautifully.

Confession:  I read this book in one sitting.  I should have gone to bed.  I should have inserted my cute Dr. Seuss bookmark.  I should have turned off the lamp.  I just couldn't stop reading.

Under the Mesquite is a story of tragedy and triumph...a story of finding yourself in the middle of all the curveballs life throws.

Run to the library and check it out!  Or you can click below.

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