Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons Love Tacos
by Adam Rubin
illustrated by Daniel Salmieri
published by Penguin

Have you ever attempted to plan a party for your dragon friends?!  It's difficult, especially considering their aversion to certain foods...

Dragons Love Tacos 

My youngest baby boy absolutely loved the illustrations in this book.  Even the inside cover had him saying, "nom, nom, nom..." and giggling.
Meanwhile, you can start calling me the dragon lady, because  I LOVE tacos.  No really.  LOVE.  Almost as much as I love salsa!

The obvious question here is if someone were throwing YOU a party, what MUST the menu have on it?!

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Daniel Salmieri is private on Twitter, but you can check out his amazing artwork on his website:  http://www.danielsalmieri.com/

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