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Monday, November 11, 2013

Loula is leaving for Africa

Loula is leaving for Africa - a picture book by Anne VilleneuveLoula is leaving for Africa
by Anne Villeneuve
published by Kids Can Press

The Blurb

Loula has had enough of her terrible triplet brothers and decides to run away to Africa. Luckily, her mother's chauffeur, Gilbert, knows just how to get there. Together, Loula and Gilbert ride camels, cross a desert and, most important, use heaps of imagination in this heartwarming adventure.

Loula is leaving for Africa - a picture book by Anne Villeneuve

My Two Cents

Poor Loula!  She is sick and tired of her "three MEAN, HORRIBLE, STINKY brothers."

Loula is leaving for Africa - a picture book by Anne Villeneuve
She hatches a plan to run away to the farthest place she can think of:  Africa!

What follows is a whimsical story of Loula's journey with her very understanding chauffer.

The bottom line is that sometimes we all need a little "trip to Africa!"  As a stay at home mama of 3, I know I'd like to run away sometimes too!  (But I would always want to come back!)
This book is delightful.  Read it.  Buy it.  Read it again.

The super talented Anne Villeneuve has written and illustrated close to 40 books!  Read her biography HERE on the Kids Can Press site.  You can also check out her website HERE.

Loula and the Sister Recipe a picture book by Anne Villeneuve
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