Marvelous Mattie

Marvelous Mattie
by Emily Arnold McCully
published by Farrar Strauss Giroux

I was drawn to the lovely cover of Marvelous Mattie immediately.  Sitting there on the library display, it called to me.  I checked it out.  I read.  I learned something!

I had never heard of Marvelous Mattie Knight.  Do you know who she is?

Called the "Lady Edison," she is responsible for many inventions--most notably that of the square-bottomed paper bag!  It's fun to learn about things that we take for granted in this day in age!  At one point this was a big enough problem that someone had to invent a machine to deal with it...and that person was Mattie Knight.

The real story here is not just that she was a female inventor in a time when no one thought it possible--the real story is that she believed in her inventions AND in her right to own it, woman or not!

Interested in Marvelous Mattie?

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