Top 5 activities for family roadtrips--without TV!

Top 5 activities for family roadtrips without tv

It's that time of year to ponder thankfulness.  To cook together.  To have a break from the daily grind. To watch football.  To eat pie.  And for many, it's a time to travel.  For those of us with small children, that alone can induce panic!!  'I know it's easy to grab a couple of DVDs and call it a day--and I'm just as guilty as the next girl on that one--BUT it is so much more fun to actually interact while you are together!  Save a movie for the especially cranky time and consider some of these ideas instead!

My top 5 activities for traveling with those little people that you are so thankful for:

1. Alphabet game

My hubby and I started playing this game before we even had kids.  We go straight through the alphabet--spotting teach letter on signs.  In our rules, cars don't count!  My daughter is old enough now to play it this way, BUT we have 3 year old twins!  They aren't quite ready for that!  So when I was searching, I found these great printables from Prepared Not Scared:

Her idea is to put these in page covers and use dry erase markers!  Brilliant!  I also love her Tic Tac Toe printable below!

2. License plate game

This is an obvious classic, but look at this fantastic printable I found at Ultimate Road Trip Games:

3. Audio books

Audio books are so fantastic.  The trouble is choosing a book that the whole family can listen to and enjoy.  My best suggestion is to choose some middle grade novels or maybe some classics.  For the younger crowd, I have loved the Mr. Putter and Tabby books, Annie and the Snowball books, and the Henry and Mudge books--all of which my library has on audio!!  (On a side note, each of these series is by my hero, Cynthia Rylant!!!)  Poke around your library or bookstore and ask your librarians!!  I promise they will have some great suggestions!

4. Colorforms

I played with colorforms when I was young.  I had forgotten how great they are until my oldest child received some as a gift.  They are quiet, mess free, and come with your kiddo's favorite characters.

 5. Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley can be super fun.  Check out this FREE Flat Stanley printable!

Hopefully you will make it through this holiday season feeling thankful, not hurried and stressed out. If it causes you and your family to totally stress, it isn't worth doing.  Be thankful for one another, enjoy each other's company, and for goodness' sake eat some pie.


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