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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Katie Woo: Cowgirl Katie

Katie Woo:  Cowgirl Katie
by Fran Manushkin
illustrated by Tammie Lyon
published by Picture Window Books

Um, haaaave you met Ted er, Katie Woo?  If not, you should jump right on that!  I was browsing my local library's RSS feed and noticed little miss Katie Woo just dying for me to check her I did.  And now we are BFF's.  Cowgirl Katie is a beginner chapter book and is perfect for a reader who desires to be more independent.

I appreciated the fact that Katie isn't a angelic blonde cowgirl, but an adorable Chinese American cowgirl.  She has cute blue glasses and a swanky purple cowboy hat:

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Any little diva that's ever dreamed of being a cowgirl will love getting in the saddle with Katie!

I like it so much...I was like