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Monday, March 24, 2014

It's Monday! What are you reading?

I borrowed this graphic from:  
Go check out her fun book blog!

It's Monday, y'all.  We had a terrific and busy weekend around here.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we played outside, rode bikes, and visited with neighbors and friends.

I didn't read a ton this weekend...unless you count the millions of amazing blogs I follow!  Also, I was a bit distracted...I found a box of old VHS home movies.  I couldn't resist them!  I borrowed a friend's VCR and I really can't stop watching them!  I keep recording tiny bits on my phone and texting them to friends.  Their shock and laughter is well worth the effort.

I've always said none of my friends could ever run for public office, but all this video just seals the deal!

Today I'm digging into "Thomas Jefferson Builds a Library" and a few other picture books I found at my local library.

What about you?  Reading anything good???