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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bucket List

Side Effects May Vary by the super amazing Julie Murphy is all the buzz, y'all. Julie is not only uber-talented, but generally fabulous.  I met her at DFWCON last May, and had the joy of sitting in on one of her panels.  And she lives just right down the road!  Her book has inspired many a bucket list, and has provoked me to think about my own.  So here goes...

*UPDATES!  If it's in bold, I've done it!

1.  Get published. This is a big one!!!

2.  Learn to play the harmonica. My great grandmother played the harmonica and I've always wanted to learn!  This is her:

(How cool is this pic, by the way?!)

3.  Finish my last 6 hours and get my masters degree.

Backpack through Europe.

5.  Intern at a literary agency...or maybe a publishing house!  I'm fascinated by the process of publishing.  I'm greedy for knowledge on the whole kit-n-caboodle!

6.  See the pyramids.

7.  Float in the Dead Sea

8.  Live in another country.

9.  Take belly dancing classes

10.  Learn coding and website building.

11.  Create a painting...while in Paris!

12.  Foster a child...or 20...

13.  Love and trust with great abandon and no fear

14.  Learn to whittle

15.  Evangelize on every continent.

16.  Write memoirs for my grandchildren.

17.  Swim in every ocean.

18.  Celebrate 50 years with my husband...and hopefully even more!

Learn to make stained glass.  My super artistic grandmother can do this and I've always wanted to learn!

20.  Raise good kids

21. Learn to crochet...beyond just a chain!

22.  Help build a church in a foreign country

23.  Be interviewed by Mr. Schu

24.  Get another library science, maybe?

25.  Hang out with Beth Moore.

26.  Hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

27.  Take tap again.

28.  Spoil my grandchildren

29.  Make a t-shirt quilt with all of my college tees that I've saved forever

30.  Write more letters

31.  Go on a river cruise

32.  Work as a museum tour guide

33.  Learn to make soap

34.  Learn how to dance an Irish jig

35.  Get a nose ring.

36.  Live "off the land" for a month.

37.  Learn to ride a bike (DO NOT MAKE FUN!!!)

38.  Open an Etsy shop

39.  Write a Bible study.

40.  Start a mother/daughter book club

41.  Open a Mexican food restaurant

42.  Learn to tat.

43.  Wear a bikini again...and look good in it...or at least feel good in it!

44.  Do a literary tour of America

45.  Read poetry at an open mic night

46.  Learn how to create apps

47.  Go on a girls' trip with all my college friends

48.  Learn to love cleaning...this may be the most difficult think on the list...

49.  Not be so committed to some crazy bucket list that I leave God's plans for me unnoticed.  I pray that He will bring lots and lots of unexpected chaos and opportunity and fun into this life because if it were solely up to me, it would be nice and tidy with no hills and basically, Amarillo.  Lord, please keep making me and changing you into a gal that honors You.

50.  Die happy, knowing that my life was well spent, that I was the best wife and mama I could be, and that I'm heading somewhere better.

For another bucket list inspired by Julie's book, click on my friend Jen Bigheart's post:

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Now what about y'all???  What's on your bucket list?