Psalms and Prayers for Little Ones

Psalms and Prayer for Little Ones - awesome pint sized devotionals for preschool kidsPsalms and Prayers for Little Ones
by Allia Zobel Nolan
illustrated by Tammie Lyon
published by Harvest House Publishers

The Blurb

The Psalms are one of the most beautiful sections of the Bible. They are a wondrous collection of heartfelt poems, songs, prayers, and thoughts written to God or about him. They talk to God about things like joy, love, and the wonders of creation. They also touch on forgiveness, bullies, and question why sometimes things don’t seem to be fair.  In Psalms and Prayers for Little Ones, author Allia Zobel Nolan unlocks the beauty and wisdom of these conversations with God in a special treasury  that speaks directly to a child’s young life experiences. This charming book also features  kid-friendly illustrations by Tammy Lyon, a “Digging Deeper” section to reinforce what children have learned, and a  “Words and Their Meanings” glossary at the back.  Let Psalms and Prayers help you introduce this important section of the Bible to your little ones—as you share the knowledge therein—words  just as relevant now as they were when the Psalms were first written.

My Two Cents

I think this precious little devotional is ideal for preschool kids.  From the adorable illustrations to the simplicity of the words, it is a perfect sized devotion for their little hearts!  Each devotion has a scripture from the Psalms, simply stated, with a small prayer that applies it their lives.  I'm absolutely getting this one for my boys!

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