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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Good Dog

The Good Dog
by Todd Kessler
illustrated by Jennifer Gray Olson
published by Greenleaf Book Group

The Blurb

Join Tako on an adventure as he makes a brave choice and proves that heroes come in all shapes and sizes
When little Ricky Lee finds a puppy on the side of the road, he takes him home and names him Tako. Ricky's parents say that they will allow Tako to stay only if he is a good dog and follows the rules--or it's off to the pound he goes!
Tako wants more than anything to be a good dog and stay with Ricky, but when greedy Mr. Prichard hatches a plan to put the Lee family's bakery out of business, Tako has to break the rules to protect his new family. Will he be able to spoil Mr. Prichard's plan and be a hero, or will he end up in the pound?

My Two Cents

This book was cute.  It fell into that gap between picture book  and chapter is illustrated throughout, but is much longer than the traditional 32 page picture book.  I would recommend it for picture book readers who are wanting to read a bit longer and meatier story.  I specifically enjoyed the illustrations.  

Notes of Interest

Todd Kessler is the co-creator and show runner of the highly successful children’s television series Blue’s Clues. He directed the pilot episode, creating an original storybook world unlike anything seen before on television. To date, he has completed 150 episodes, which air in thirty countries. Todd was named ”the David E. Kelley” of children’s television by the New York Times and is quoted extensively in Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller The Tipping Point. Todd’s artistic and innovative work has garnered him the prestigious Peabody Award, seven Emmy nominations, two Television Critics Association Awards, five Parents’ Choice Awards, and a New York Film Festival CINE Golden Eagle.

The Good Dog has recently been endorsed by The American Humane Association!  

Find out more about The Good Dog!

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  1. How does one get a book endorsed by te HUmane Society. Of all the dog books I have read this is a first. Impressive. I must check it out.

    1. I'm not sure! It was a cute book...and the fact that it supports a worthy cause makes me want to buy it (a LOT) for birthday gifts, etc!

  2. It sounds like an interesting book and I love Blue's Clues. I haven't seen it here in South Africa. Maybe it was on satellite TV before we finally purchased a dish and decoder. Our kids (who are now teenagers) saw a few episodes when we were visiting my mom and step-dad in the States years ago. Thanks for visiting Amanda's Books and More. I've got a weekend linky on the go if you want to join.

  3. Blue's Clues is huge in the States! Glad you stopped by! I will check out your link up...I also have a link up once a month. Please check it out!

  4. This looks like a really fun story! Thanks for sharing this lovely book at Booknificent Thursday this week! Hope to see you again soon!


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