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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Twins' blanket

The Twins' Blanket
by Hyewon Yum
published by

The Blurb

These look-alike twins have always shared everything—their room, their toys, a crib, and, since the day they were born, a blanket. But as they grow into new beds, they need new blankets, too. Now they face a new dilemma: they don’t know how  not to share.
Told from the perspective of two five-year-olds, The Twins’ Blanket playfully illuminates squabbles and affection between young siblings. Yum’s minimalistic art astutely captures these twins’ emotions as they toss, turn, and tug their new and old blankets—and embrace their growing independence.

My Two Cents

I have the sweetest little guys you will ever meet...born 1 minute apart and different as can be.  There are many, many twin books out there, but none I've read has been quite so accurate as this one!  It captures the very real struggle of twins for independence.  The illustrations are just beautiful.  The one below brought me to tears because it's a picture I've seen in real life so many times.

My guys thought this "twin song" from Sophia the First was pretty fun: