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Monday, September 22, 2014

Tween Dream

This post contains affiliate links.

Faithgirlz Big Book of QuizzesFaithgirlz! Big Book of Quizzes
published by Zonderkidz

The Blurb

Welcome to the world of, well, you! The Faithgirlz! Big Book of Quizzes offers more than twenty quizzes delve into school, friends, faith, family, guys, and questions “All-About-You.” Take the quizzes on your own or with friends. Some funny, some thought-provoking, every quiz ends with wide range of answers to help girls think about themselves, get advice on tons of topics, and learn little “who knew?” facts about how they really think and feel—done in a fun format every girl loves.
Girls will love circling questions, asking BFFs for best answers, and LOLing at those “that’s SO me” moments. And, yet, each has a takeaway message that makes the Big Book of Quizzes a super entertaining, relevant, and interactive read for girls ages eight to twelve.

My Two Cents

I have an almost 10 year old who LOVES quizzes, mad-libs, and all those fun games we used to play as kids.  It's a tricky age.  It would be easy to give in and allow her to do and read things that she isn't quite ready for.  We talk a ton about what's appropriate for her, doing the right thing, positive body image, healthy choices--that's kind of what this age is all about.  I love this book because:

1. It's fun.  It talks about fashion, friends, and technology.

2. It's affirming.  No matter which answer you get to the quizzes, it will be positive.  It will make your girl feel special and will shine a light on her unique qualities.

3.  It's wholesome.  Nothing inappropriate here.  It's from Zonderkidz, which is a publisher I've come to love and trust.

This will definitely be one of her gifts this year.  And the best part is that I KNOW she'll love it!  And, I might throw in one of these silly things, too:

Magic 8 Ball