How to Lose a Lemur

How to Lose a LemurHow to Lose a Lemur
by Frann Preston-Gannon
published by Sterling Children's Group

The Blurb

Everyone knows that once a lemur takes a fancy to you there is not much that can be done about it. That's just what happens to a little boy when a lemur begins to follow him in the park one day—and more of the adoring animals join in. The boy does everything to ditch the playful creatures, from jumping on a train to flying in a hot-air balloon to climbing the highest mountain. But nothing works—AND he's lost, too! It's then that his constant companions show just why they make the very best of friends.
The parade of lovable lemurs, and the playful illustrations, will have children laughing, reading this again and again-and wishing they could have a pet like that, too.

How to Lose a Lemur by Frann Preston-Gannon

My Two Cents

This book was on a display at my local library last week and I picked it up.  I was not familiar with the book title or the author.  The story is simple and funny.  And the sequence of the story reminds me of Going On A Bear Hunt.  The little boy goes to many measures to escape the lemur and then works back through those in reverse.  And I really love that Preston-Gannon shows us that sometimes in life our real friends aren't necessarily the ones we expect.

About the Author

Frann Preston-Gannon is a Londoner and the first UK recipient of the Sendak Fellowship (2011), which means she spent a month living and working with Maurice Sendak!!!  How cool is that?!