Good Eating Habits

So we've just finished out the year and your New Year's Resolutions are probably at the front of your mind right about now!  (I'm hoping you are just as strong 3 months from now!!)  Many times my resolutions have to do with working out more and eating better.  (Cut the Debbie Downer sound effect here!)  So when I got this great books from Candlewick, I thought "Awesome.  Teach kids from the get go about eating in moderation and exercise"  When I was a kid there were no after school specials about this!  We all just played outside!  But now kids have iPhones, iPads, Nintendo systems, and more...

So needless to say, we have to address exercise.  And as an adult who likes to eat junk...and doesn't particularly love to work out, this book is great to start a conversation with your little ones.

And here's a "grown up" book by Lysa TerKeurst that I'm dying to read on the same topic: