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Saturday, February 28, 2015

5 Steps to an Awesome Snow Day!

In Texas, we don't get many weather days.  We had two just last week because the ice was so awful--but it wasn't much fun because you can't really play in the ice.  But yesterday was a bonafide snow day, y'all!!  My children were elated!

 It began snowing out of the blue!  Notice the dry ground:
Snow Day in Texas!

But by 2ish, everything
was covered!!
Snow Day in Texas!

I even got to pick up my little snow angel from school a bit early!
Snow Angel

 We had the great idea to make snow ice cream!  We like ice cream around here...but snow ice cream is such a novelty!!

Tasting our snow ice cream!

We played and played and then headed in to warm up, play board games, and drink hot chocolate. Such a fun and unexpected day of fun!

If you've never had snow ice cream, try our recipe the next time you find yourself blanketed with snow!  
Snow Ice Cream Recipe

5 Steps to an Awesome Snow Day

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