Finding Amazing Books (and more) at Just Between Friends consignment sale AND a big #giveaway !

I am a sucker for a good book.  New books.  Old books.  Hardbacks.  Paperbacks.  If you can read it, I probably love it.

Sometimes I find books at the thrift shop.  Sometimes I find books at garage sales.  But one of my favorite places to find fabulous, vintage children's books is at children's consignment sales!

For example, I have a copy of The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton from when I was a kiddo.  It is an original.  It is lovely.  Here's the thing, though.  I have three original and lovely children.  And one day, I would love to pass special books on to each of them.  So I have found one additional copy of The Little House.  Now I just need one more!

I think the trick to finding the books you want at huge sales like this is being familiar with the product you are looking for.  I know what books I'm searching for (most of the time), so I can look for the right color book binding.  I know it doesn't seem very scientific, but there are THOUSANDS of books, so every little bit of narrowing down I can do is great!

The only other thing I love almost as much as books is a smokin' good deal!

And if you have ever heard of the amazingness that is the Just Between Friends sale, you will know that it combines both my love of books and thriftiness!

The JBF sale is March 5th-9th at Will Rogers Exhibit Hall in Fort Worth.  You WILL NOT want to miss it!  You may find the full schedule HERE.

First time parents and grandparents can pre-register so that they are able to shop early!! That means that if you pre-register, you get first dibs on the best stuff, y'all!  I'm jealous.

So now that you know all about it, let me just tell you, I AM GOING!  I'm hoping to find The Little House of course, but also some other fun, vintage children's books (preferably in hardback), but I'm also going to be practical and get some spring and summer clothes for my three fabulous kids!  What about you?  What are you hoping to find at this year's sale?!

There's usually a $3 entry fee, but thanks to the generosity of the JBF folks, you can print and use this coupon to get in free!

AND THAT'S NOT ALL!!!  JBF has a giveaway for Big Hair and Books readers!

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