Head Lice and Spiders!

Ewwww!  Eeeek!  Ick!  These are the words most people mentally scream when they think of Lice and Spiders, but when author Elise Gravel thought of them, she thought otherwise and created two super fun picture books!  Now I will tell you that there was a time in my life I would not have picked these books up, but now that I'm a boy mom, I gravitate to the gross!  Ha!

Here's what I love about these books--they are funny, but they also teach you something.  Who knew you could see into a louse's abdomen?!  Not me!  There are lots of fun and fascinating facts that kept me interested.  And don't get me started on the illustrations!  Anyone who can make lice look cute is uber talented in my book!

Head Lice by Elise Gravel

Spiders by Elise Gravel

Other titles in the series:

The Slug by Elise Gravel The Worm by Elise Gravel The Fly by Elise Gravel

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