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Jen Hatmaker quote from her new book For the Love
I got a lovely little notice that Jen Hatmaker's new book, For the Love, is coming out soon.  AND YOU KNOW HOW I LOVE JEN HATMAKER, Y'ALL!!  The information provided informed me that if I jumped on the chance, I could be among 500 early readers to promote the book and spew my undying love of Jen Hatmaker.

My immediate thought?!  I'M IN!

So I signed up immediately.

No, really.  Immediately.

But so many people love this woman that I was too late!  (Did I mention that I signed up IMMEDIATELY?!)

So, anyway, I got the sweetest little love note that explained that I was not among the first people who signed up...and that I would not get an advance copy of the book.  But I was graciously sent four chapters of For the Love.  That is like giving an addict enough to stop the shakes...

Email from Jen Hatmaker

In the meantime, I hopped on Twitter and noticed that my friend, Megan Card was lamenting that she wasn't on the team either.  I felt immediate happiness that I had a kindred out there--I WAS NOT ALONE!!

This is the first time I have not been on @JenHatmaker launch team. Sad, sad day. But I'm pre-ordering 'For the Love' right. now. #cantwait
— Megan Card (@MeganRCard) March 11, 2015

Well, from our interchange, Jen joined in on the well as Katie Curry, Megan Hall, and Kelli Moore. Somehow, through a series of harassing tweets, we became Jen's "B Team" and even earned our own hashtag:  #the4500 (as in the 4500 who did not get to be on the "A Team"

@rosemondcates @MeganRCard I am here for you. 🍷👭❤️
— JenHatmaker (@JenHatmaker) March 11, 2015

And just to show that stalking and harassment pay off, Jen Hatmaker called us out on Facebook. Now I never got in trouble in school, but if it's anything like getting called down by Jen, I should have acted up more!

Am I sad that I haven't been able to read the whole book yet?  You bet.  I will say, though, that I have met some amazing (and funny!) like-minded women and they have just blessed my socks off. This little group I interacted with is the tip of the iceberg!  There are women from all over who have banded together in community all because of one woman's book and her love for Jesus.  That's what it's all about:  loving God and loving people.

And, let me tell you...those 4 chapters Jen sent our way?  They just make you want to read it even more.  She is the same Jen you have fallen in love with through her books and talks... Real to a fault: "I am a product of bologna, red Kool-Aid, and home perms, and I turned out okay."  =)

She makes you laugh with talks of muffin tops and inappropriate tights/leggings as pants and then turns right back around and brings some truth in the style that's made everyone just fall in love with her.

"I don’t know your feelings about church, but what if you freed up your pastors to be ordinary men and women, your church to be a simple family, and your life to be for loving God and people?" that quote.  So many simple and profound thoughts in these 4 chapters, people.  I can't wait to read the whole thing!

Don't forget to ORDER FOR THE LOVE now!  Or, like Jen's BFF, you might be left waiting...

 For the Love Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards by Jen Hatmaker

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