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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Picture Book Review: Bristly Hair and I Don't Care

Picture book review of Bristly Hair and I Don't Care by Nadia Budde / NorthSouth BooksBristly Hair and I Don't Care
by Nadia Budde
published by NorthSouth

The Blurb

A funny book about liking the way you look! Everyone occasionally dreams of being a little prettier, taller, slimmer . . . And Nadia Budde’s quirky characters are no different. Some wish they had more hair, some wish they had less. Thank goodness for Uncle Nooks--he doesn't care about looks! Nadia’s catchy rhymes and funny characters will appeal to readers of all ages and (hopefully) help us see that we’re all perfect just the way we are!

My Two Cents

This is a cute book about loving who you are and embracing what makes you unique!  Definitely one to read if you have a kiddo who is always comparing himself to others.

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