The Disappearance of Emily H.

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The Disappearance of Emily H.
by Barrie Summy
published by Delacorte Books for Young Readers

The Blurb

Raine is switching schools-again.  Being the new girl is hard, but knowing everyone's past is harder. And when Raine discovers she is living in the house of the girl who disappeared...well, she feels like even more of an outcast.  As she touches things around the house she learns more and more about Emily H. and discovers that there are people around town that aren't telling the truth.  Raine navigates twists and turns, memories and lies to unfold the mystery of what really happened to Emily Huvar.

My Two Cents

Magical realism in middle grade?  Yes, please!  I will almost always jump into this genre with both feet...sometimes I'm disappointed...but this is NOT one of those times!  I enjoyed this book from the fabulous cover (created by Kate Garner) to the final page. I began reading and couldn't stop!  Loved the premise, loved the plot...great book that I'm sure I'll be recommending and gifting a ton...

You can learn more about Barrie Summy and her books by visiting her website.

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