Two Grumpy Picture Books

It's Monday.  (insert Debbie Downer sound effects here) Sometimes Mondays make me grumpy...and most of the time, mornings in general make me grumpy!  I would love to be one of those over-acheiver moms who has run 5 miles, made a 3 course breakfast, and done all the laundry by 7 a.m., but I AM NOT!  I found Grumpy Bird at my local library and when I read it, I totally recognized myself within the pages!

Grumpy Bird wakes up grumpy (um, this sounds familiar...) He does not participate in play or pleasant coversation (ahem, so familiar)  His faithful friends hang with him until suddenly he becomes himself and joins in playing with his fave pals.

And near to the super cute Grumpy Bird was an equally adorable Grumpy Cat.  I couldn't resist...I checked them both out and headed home for some grumptastic reading!  Grumpy Cat is all about a cat who appears grumpy, but who is really just lonely.  A persistent little kitten changes things for him.  So cute!

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