Don't Think About Purple Elephants

Don't Think About Purple Elephants - a picture book about bedtime worriesDon't Think About Purple Elephants
by Susan Whelan
illustrated by Gwynneth Jones
published by EK Books

The Blurb

Sophie is a fun gal.  She loves to play with friends and go to school, but at night, Sophie turns into a worrier. She can't relax.  She can't sleep.  And then she feels just awful the next day.  She's tried everything...except purple elephants!

My Two Cents

I've talked about this theme in kid lit before, but it is a valuable topic in children's books.  Kids get overanalyze.  We didn't learn all of our worry habits as adults, you know!  I liked this book because it is basic and positive.  It is perfect to read to your little night time worrier before bed because it has a nice, easy rhythm.  It stays positive throughout and doesn't hyperfocus on any specific "bad" thing Sophie fixates on.

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