Feet Go to Sleep

Feet Go to Sleep by Barbara Bottner
Feet Go to Sleep 
by Barbara Bottner
illustrated by Maggie Smith
published by Alfred A. Knopf

You must be tired, from your head to your toes...

Oh, have I related to that this past week!  This mama is absolutely EXHAUSTED with all of the end of school activities and parties and recitals.  Maybe my sweet kids can tuck me in with this adorable picture book tonight instead of the other way around...but back to the book...

Fiona is worn out.  Her mama knows it.  But how do you calm down after a super duper exciting day with your cousins?!  Well, first you've got to tell those feet who's boss:

Feet Go to Sleep by Barbara Bottner

Fiona starts with her toes and works her way up to relaxation as she remembers the fun day she's had.

Feet Go to Sleep by Barbara Bottner

Fiona is finally able to tell her eyes to go to sleep, but her busy mind was still going!  But with enough coaxing, she finally drifts off.  

This book is a perfect bedtime book for summer.  Splishing and splashing combine with the nice, easy rhythm to create a tale that's interesting enough to hold your kiddo's attention and slow enough not to get them all riled up at bedtime!  

About the Author

Barbara Bottner isn't solely a children's author. She has been a kindergarten teacher, actress, illustrator and producer!  She has taught such talents as Bruce Degen and Laura Numeroff! She has worked on shows like Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street. And, if that's not cool enough for you, she wrote lyrics on on of Jim Henson's albums for the Muppets.  

All those accomplishments are amazing, but what gets me about Bottner is her heart.  The dedication of this book reads: "For the children who don't have their own bed to sleep in, the beautiful children of Schools on Wheels."  This is one cool chick, y'all...the kind of gal you can't help but admire.

To learn more about Schools on Wheels, visit their website.  From there, you can find ways to volunteer and donate funds to this worthy cause!

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