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Monday, May 4, 2015

Worst in Show

Worst in Show
by William Bee
illustrated by Kate Hindley
published by Candlewick

The Blurb

It time for The Best Monster in the World competition!  Alfred can't wait to enter Sidney! But maybe Sidney is too good a pet to be a great monster...

My Two Cents

Candlewick is one of my favorite publishers.  They can pick a winner a mile away.  This book is adorable and my boys giggled and giggled when we read it!

The story is one that makes a young reader think about what makes a friend...some things matter and some things don't.  And in the end, we love folks for the totality of who they are--their strengths and their weaknesses combined.  And win or lose, a friend always loves you just the way you are. Combined with Hindley's delightful illustrations, this book is a must read!