5 Books I Need to Replace

Love Leads to Destruction :  5 Books I Desperately Need to Replace

We have a few books that have been destroyed well-loved...loved to the point that they need to be replaced because they are falling apart!

Caterpillar Spring by Susan Hood #kidlit #picturebook #giftButterfly Summer
by Susan Hood
illustrated by Claudine Gevry
published by Reader's Digest

This book is so sweet.  Poetic.  Lovely.  My daughter loved it. And when we passed it down to her baby brothers it was in perfect condition.  Not so much anymore.  There is seriously no butterfly at the end of the book, thus ruining the grand metamorphosis.  Sigh.

What Makes a Rainbow? #picturebook #giftWhat Makes a Rainbow?
by Betty Ann Schwartz
illustrated by Dona Turner
published by Bendon Publishing

We bought this little book for on vacation one year.  My daughter picked it out.  She loved how the ribbons expanded on each page to show the colors of the rainbow.  She was so very careful with it.  And...you guessed it...her brothers managed to rip that lovely rainbow right out of the book.  So much for that pot of gold!

Pat the Bunny #picturebook #baby #giftPat the Bunny
by Dorothy Kunhardt
published by Golden Books

Seriously, everyone was careful with this book, but they all loved it so much that it has been read eleven billion-ty times and is quite literally falling apart. Kids, don't touch Daddy's scratchy face...it might rip.  

The Beginner's Bible #bible #baby #toddler The Beginner's Bible
published by Zondervan

Sorry, Lord.  The boys ripped the cover right off this one.  We still read it...but we should probably grab another one of these!

What I Like About Me!  #book #kids #selfesteem
What I Like About Me

by Allia Zobel Nolan
illustrated by Miki Sakamoto
published by Reader's Digest

Oh, I am pretty sure that whatever each of these characters liked best about themselves has long been ripped from the pages.  We will have to re-purchase this one so they can have better self esteem!

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