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Monday, June 22, 2015

Mama's Right Here

Mama's Right Here - a book about mama's ever present love...even when mama can't be there.Mama's Right Here
by Susan Kerner
illustrated by Estelle Corke
published by Star Bright Books

This is a picture book reminding children that mama's love is ever present.  I should probably add it to my tearjerkers list.  

If you ask me where my mama is, this is what I'll say:  
She's in me and around me, never ever far away."

Another element I loved about this book is the illustrations depict multiple families of varying ethnicity.  The topic of this book is wide and applies to all of humanity...I love that illustrations are in sync with that fact!

I think this is a beautiful book that could be used for enjoyment, but also for therapy and in those unexpected situations in which a mother and child can't be together.  It is broad enough in thought that it could even be read with a child that has lost a mother.