What I Learned in May

Big Hair and Books:  What I Learned in May
May has flown by!  I have learned that I can't do it all.  I am NOT supermom.  My daughter and I completely forgot about an event we needed to attend...an event that was important to both of us. She cried. I cried.  It was awful.  But I'm working on finding the good in every situation...and you know what happened?!  I got to see my baby girl live out grace...she told me I was so busy and that I had to keep up with everyone's activities and that she wasn't upset with me one little bit.  Love that girl more than I can say.

I have learned that I kinda don't love May.  It is so psycho-busy and there are so many things to keep up with!!!  End of the school year parties and banquets and teacher gifts.  And that's not even mentioning the high school and college graduations and wedding season!  Throw in a wedding anniversary and I am a complete crazy person!  (More so than normal!!)

Dauntless Grace Ministries
I have learned that when a bunch of Jesus-lovin' sassy women make up their mind about something, things start happening!  I am thrilled to be a part of Dauntless Grace, a place where real women can be authentic with one another.  Watch this website, y'all, because God is going to do big things with this amazing group of women!

I have learned that I still have a lot to learn

Stuff I'm still working on: 

1. Figuring out what to do with 2 very active 4 year old boys when it absolutely refuses to stop raining (please sense my absolute frustration!!)  

2. Understanding why I can't find ANY hair color that covers my gray for longer than a week!  No, seriously...even what they say works great on "color resistant gray."  Whatever.

3. This one may take all of eternity, but with all this rain we've watched more television than normal and I absolutely do not understand how Power Rangers was not only popular when I was a kid, but is popular again.  And they have a billion different shows...Wild Force Power Rangers, Samurai Power Rangers, Power Rangers Dino Thunder, and Power Rangers Mystic Force. And the acting in all of them is terrible.  Oh, and did I mention my boys are obsessed with it and it is all kinds of awful to have to endure it?  Oh, Lord, please stop the rain!