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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

10 Life Lessons from Cindy Mancini

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This week I heard a huge collective sigh of sadness across social media at the news of Amanda Peterson's death.  Most of us remember Amanda as Cindy Mancini, the uber-popular blonde high schooler that rode off into the sunset with Patrick Dempsey in Can't Buy Me Love.  Her name in the headlines took me back in time.  I was in my favorite Coca-Cola nightgown with my friends watching this poor guy go from "totally geek to totally chic" all for the love of Cindy Mancini.  

I wanted to be Cindy Mancini.  Everyone wanted to be Cindy Mancini.  

So I've been thinking about this and mourning for days, and I keep coming back to these awesome memories of growing up and becoming the women we are today.  I think we all learned something valuable from Cindy Mancini.
10 Life Lessons from Cindy Mancini #CantBuyMeLove #CindyMancini #AmandaPeterson #80s #PatrickDempsey

That Coca-Cola nightgown is long gone, but those memories made with my girlfriends will remain. We are glued together forever in those memories.  And though we all change from year to year, the best things will hopefully stay the same...Rest in peace, Amanda. There's a whole generation of women who will never forget you.