Middle Grade Review: Fuzzy Mud

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Fuzzy Mud
by Louis Sachar
published by Delacorte Books for Young Readers

The Blurb

Tamaya can't walk home alone...and Marshall can't walk their normal route or the school bully will beat him to a pulp in front of everyone.  So Marshall leads them on a "shortcut" into the woods, but what they find there changes their lives.  With special reports from the Senate's special committee sprinkled into the book, this isn't just a story of bravery, but a mystery too.

My Two Cents

I went into this book with a chip on my shoulder, to be honest.  How would I possibly enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Holes?!  This actually caused me to put off reading it for a bit!  (I know...I'm weird)  When I finally did start reading Fuzzy Mud, I immediately loved its cast of diverse characters and its smart and brave main character, Tamaya.  Underdog, Marshall, is an added bonus and just proves, once again, that Sachar can write realistic, developed characters like nobody's business.

I also particularly liked the quote below--which reminded me so much of Linda Urban's Hound Dog True.  There is just something I love about that strong, empowered girl protagonist that can take on the world, but doesn't know it yet.

Courage quote from Fuzzy Mud by Louis Sachar #courage #bravery #fear

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And, on a side note, I think that the movie adaptation of this book is just fantastic!  

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