The Mermaid's Sister

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The Mermaid's Sister
by Carrie Anne Noble
published by Skyscape

The Blurb

Clara and her sister, Maren, live high on the Mountain with Auntie, who found them when they were infants.  She has always said that a stork brought Clara and that she found Maren in a seashell.  Auntie tells so many wonderful stories that the girls never really thought they were true...until Maren starts growing scales.  

The lack of control Clara feels, coupled with her increasingly romantic feelings for her best friend O'Neill, has her going crazy. Add in an exciting journey, a troupe of circus performers, and a bit of sibling rivalry and you have a can't put down novel.

My Two Cents

I grabbed this book on impulse. It was on display at my local library, sitting pretty in the YA section and demanding to be checked out.  I am so glad I took a chance on this book!  I began reading and just could not put it down.  It walks the line between magical realism and fantasy (which is a place I LOVE!).  

The story is fast paced and exciting.  There are many questions and you keep saying "just one more page" so that you can figure out what's next.  The relationships feel real and the complexities in each are perfect.  Clara makes for an interesting protagonist that you can help but love depite her uptight ways.  And O'Neill is the perfect crush...without being the perfect guy.  

The writing is fantastic.  From an editorial standpoint, I was impressed with Noble's debut.  I hope you will pick it up and fall in love just as I have!

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