What I Learned in July

I'm running a bit behind, but here are the things I learned in July!

I have learned that despite flooding and crazy amounts of rain last month, the Texas heat can still kill your grass.  Seriously, it is crazy how dry everything is around here.  My tomato plants are hanging on for dear life, but the lakes are full!

I have learned that some friends are heart friends from the very beginning. 

I have learned that no matter how many times I have successfully made jelly and/or jam, there will always be that renegade batch that just will not gel.  I have learned that I have zero patience for that batch.  ZERO.  There is only bitterness and gnashing of teeth.

I have learned that there are not a ton of stylish, modest clothes for tweens. Please sense my disgust in the previous sentence. There is 1800's school marm.  There is junior prostitute.  There is precious little in between.

What I'm still working on:

Patience.  I am acutely aware of this because it is August.  And my children are at home with me--and each other. I think they are still working on patience too.  You know what they say about the apple not falling far from the tree and all...