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Friday, October 30, 2015

Adult Coloring Books that are Perfect for Gift Giving!

Adult coloring books perfect for gift giving #coloring #tween #art #relaxation

Coloring books are all the rage...and not just for kids!  An ever increasing number of grown ups are becoming addicted to this fun new trend.  Studies show it's good for relaxation and let's face it, most adults need to relax a bit!  So here is a list of some more intricate and challenging coloring books that are perfect for adults!  

adult coloring book for stress relief  Not your Kid's Coloring Book - adult coloring book Harry Potter coloring book for adult  Dia de los Muertos - adult coloring book Doodle Invasion - adult coloring book  Happy Campers adult coloring book adult coloring book  Indian Mandala adult coloring pages

Other must haves for the coloring enthusiast

colored pencils for adult coloring books sharpener for colored pencils adult coloring books gel pins for adult coloring books